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2012 BRN Symposium


The National Cancer Institute Office of Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research (OBBR) presents the

5th Annual Biospecimen Research Network (BRN) Symposium:
Advancing Cancer Research Through Biospecimen Science

February 22-23, 2012
Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center
Bethesda, Maryland

Important dates to remember:
* Registration closes on January 30, 2012
* Abstract Submissions are due by January 17, 2012
* Hotel cutoff date is January 31, 2012

Symposium Goal:
Human biospecimens are the foundation of the translational research that will transform patient care. The primary goal of the symposium is to address the following:

  • Impact of preanalytical variations in collecting, handling, processing, and storing biospecimens on cancer research and molecular medicine
  • Advances in biospecimen science aimed at minimizing the impact of these variations

The meeting will feature expert presentations, interactive discussions, and poster presentations from a broad range of stakeholders whose work involves biospecimens, including researchers, clinicians, industry representatives, and patient advocates.
This year’s sessions will include:

  • Evidence for preanalytical variability during the acquisition and processing of tissue biospecimens
  • Informatics solutions for biospecimen science
  • Development of alternative fixation and stabilization processes
  • Solutions for reducing biospecimen preanalytical variability
  • Strategies and tools for accessing and publishing data in biospecimen science
  • Evidence for markers of biospecimen molecular integrity
  • The patient's perspective on research in the biospecimen sciences
  • And more!

Please continue to check the 2012 BRN Symposium website for updates. Register today!